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Are you aware that Singapore provides numerous government-assisted SME business loan financing schemes through over 20 banks and financial institutions? Each bank has different credit criteria and interest rates, making it time-consuming to compare them all.

With FundRego, we take care of the tedious job for you. Leveraging our extensive network and experience, we can compare all SME loans tailored to your business’s financial needs. This streamlined approach helps you avoid application rejections by exploring more options across all banks, ultimately maximizing your approval chances.

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Types of Business Loans

1. Business Term Loan / Working Capital Loan

The SME Working Capital Loan was introduced to assist local enterprises in obtaining unsecured working capital financing. This loan aims to support businesses in meeting their day-to-day operational cash flow requirements.

2. Factoring / Invoice Financing

Utilizing factoring loans can be a valuable resource for businesses seeking funds based on their receivables. Convert your invoices into cash and receive as much as 90% of their total value.

3. Collateralised Loans / Asset-Backed Loans

Companies possessing assets such as properties or equipment can utilize them to secure working capital for their daily operational requirements. Using assets as collateral enables companies to secure a higher loan amount compared to unsecured loans, and various financing options can be explored based on your business needs.

4. Trade Financing

Trade financing is a renewable credit facility employed for import financing or purchase financing. Businesses can make use of their trade financing credit lines to fund their imports or purchases with credit terms provided by banks. This enhances the working capital and cash flow within the trade cycle.

Why FundRego?

We recognize that everyone's situation is different, and we customize financial solutions for unique individuals or businesses.

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Yes, you can. However, securing your desired financing amount may be more challenging. Many financial institutions in Singapore prefer lending to companies with at least 12 months of operation to assess their financial track records. Despite this, we collaborate with some lenders specializing in providing small, short-term unsecured loans for new companies. Alternatively, if you can pledge collateral such as properties, business financing can be more easily obtained.

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