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Frequently Asked Questions

General Enquiries

FUNDREGO functions as an intermediary between the borrower and loan providers. Our role is to assist you in securing the most suitable loan based on your individual or business circumstances. When you submit a loan application on, you gain access to personalized loan offers from various banks and financial institutions. We facilitate the comparison of these offers and provide support throughout the entire process, up to the disbursement with the chosen loan provider. In short, we streamline your loan process, handling all the complexities to ensure that your financial needs are met.


The final approval of a loan depends on the internal regulations, procedures, and eligibility standards of each loan source. Therefore, determining eligibility for a specific loan prior to using our application form is challenging. We enhance your chances of loan approval by collaborating with multiple banks and financial institutions. Even if one bank rejects your application, you still have a strong chance of approval from others.

However, to apply for a personal loan with FUNDREGO, you must meet these minimum requirements:

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 70.
  • You must have a monthly salary of at least $1,200.
  • You must be a Singaporean with a salary, a PR, or an EP holder.


Yes, you can. However, securing your desired financing amount may be more challenging. Many financial institutions in Singapore prefer lending to companies with at least 12 months of operation to assess their financial track records. Despite this, we collaborate with some lenders specializing in providing small, short-term unsecured loans for new companies. Alternatively, if you can pledge collateral such as properties, business financing can be more easily obtained.


FUNDREGO assists you in comparing home loan offers from all Singaporean banks and financial institutions. We have access to exclusive rates and packages not available to the general public due to our longstanding connections with partners. Collaborating with reputable banks and legal entities, we ensure a quick and easy home loan application process for our clients. By utilizing our service at no cost, you gain access to various banks and financial institutions.

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